Redeeming Work

How different would the world be if Christians saw their jobs as a calling?

For the past several years, church leaders have begun noticing a disturbing trend: young people leaving or disengaging from the church. The idea of high school students going off to college and losing their faith has been discussed for some time. However, this new trend seems to be something different, more concerning.LJ Redeeming Work

Recently, the editors of Leadership Journal went around the country and spoke with pastors about this idea of young adults disengaging from the church. What they discovered, according to the Redeeming Work website, is that “young adults are increasingly postponing marriage and focusing upon their vocations for a sense of identity.” In addition, they discovered that churches lacked the ability to engage “work as a venue and emphasis of the Christian life.”

To help address this gap between young adult needs and the church, organizers developed the Redeeming Work conference—or LJ Live.

The plan is to go to six cities this year and engage in conversations about vocation and how to incorporate God’s redemption into work.

Redeeming Love will make a stop in the Twin Cities on Thursday, June 12, at St. Paul’s Art House North. Registration is $109 at the door or $99 through June 11.

Speakers include Andy Crouch, Troy Groves, Kara Powell and Skye Jethani.

The event is designed for pastors and church leaders but is open to all.

To register for the event or for additional information, visit