Special Mother’s Day for Birth Mothers

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Annual dinner honors birth mothers for their selfless sacrifice

Some of the greatest heroes are birth mothers who make the choice to place their child with an adoptive family because they want the best for their child.

Website-BannerEvery year New Life Family Services hosts a special Birth Mother Dinner to honor and celebrate these incredible women for the loving adoption decision they made fir their child(ren). As Mother’s Day approaches this is a special way for these moms to be recognized and to be honored for the role they have in their child’s life.

The dinner will be Friday, May 8 (6:30 pm) at Calvary Baptist Church in Roseville, MN. The theme this year is “A Season for Everything”.

This special evening will encourage and uplift birth mothers as we reflect together on the quiet strength they carry inside every day from the initial decision to place their child(ren) for adoption, the courage to follow through with the decision, and the grace to continue on in their journey as they trust another family to raise their birth child(ren).

All birth mothers are invited to attend no matter which adoption agency they worked with. To learn more and make reservations to to www.nlfs.org or contact Britta at 612-866-7643.