Stay Out of Hot Water

Julie Fisk

At our most recent Ministry Equip training on November 9th, attorney and professor at Concordia University, St. Paul, Julie Fisk shared her insights on how to best approach staff concerns or disciplinary issues within a non-profit faith based ministry. She addressed the notion often found within these settings to extend grace and mercy past its due point and reminded those present that honesty can also be kind, and should be prioritized. She highlighted intentional communication and consistent feedback, equipping those present to invest in lawful awareness and “keep your legal ducks in a row.” [pullquote2 style=”left” quote=”dark”]”Keep your legal ducks in a row. “[/pullquote2]Intervening early on when personnel issues first arise can actually lead to a healthier work environment. Julie stated, “When our employees thrive, families thrive.” [pullquote2 style=”right” quote=”dark”]”When our employees thrive, families thrive.”[/pullquote2]

Within the context of protected classes, employment-at-will, and rules of documentation, Julie offered practical and tangible advice for those of us who often shy away from staff conflict resolution and discipline. By removing barriers, evaluating situations objectively, and asking questions, she demonstrated that coaching and progressive discipline are a worthwhile investment and a means by which to increase employee engagement.  She also taught the group about the importance of performance evaluations and how to make them beneficial for the organization and the employee.  The group spent time discussing work environment scenarios and how to implement what they learned within their own organizations. 

“Thanks for another great training.  I appreciate the thoughtful intention and quality training that Transform MN is providing.  Thanks for all your organization does!”
-Kim Laufenburger, Executive Minister, Hope Church