Monthly Archives: September 2015

“Youth These Days” Blog Series – Creating a Teen-Focused Church

What would it look like to be a teen-focused church; committed to helping teenagers be church's primary means of spreading the Good News? In the first part of in our “Youth These Days” blog series, Luke Trouten shares his thoughts on how your church can better welcome teens to serve, lead and participate fully in the Kingdom of God, and the impact it can have on your youth and even your adults.
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New Blog Series: “Youth These Days”

Churches oftentimes don’t know how to engage their youth and teens with the Gospel. Since the beginning of time, parents have scoffed at “youth these days,” lacking an understanding of those a generation or two younger than them. But we at Transform Minnesota are committed to reproducing our faith in the generations that follow us. We need to invest in millennials and younger adolescents so that the Church continues to grow in the hearts of tomorrow’s leaders.
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Pastor’s Column: A Year with “The Story”

Every year church leaders have many programs pitched at them. It is easy to become jaded about “the next big thing” sweeping across the church. David Lens, Lead Pastor of Hope Church in Richfield wondered if "The Story" was just another over-hyped program to avoid. But after careful research and receiving multiple recommendations Hope Church decided to take the plunge with "The Story." Read why they are so glad they did!
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