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Crafting a Clear Nonprofit Communication Strategy

in News. Posted February 4, 2016
In order for your compelling mission to be heard by donors, clients, and the public, you must have an effective communication strategy. It's importance that your organization understands its "WHY" mission. "Getting to their "WHY"-both why they do what they do, and why their audience should care-and embedding that in everything," says Sharon Sampson, CEO of Open Book Communications. Stakeholders need to be equipped with a simple way of understanding "what do you do" and "what difference does it make." That has to drive deeper to mission and outcomes that make donors/stakeholders feel part of something larger than themselves. Learn how to identify what you most want your audience to do, solve, or feel?
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Mission Northeast Finds Unity in Serving and Praying Together

Churches in Northeast Minneapolis found they are better together, than they are apart. After six years of prayer and meeting together, dozens of churches in Northeast Minneapolis have formed a relational partnership called Mission NE, and they’ve grown to include 15-20 churches. Together Mission NE hosts joint holiday celebrations and outreach events in the community, and recently formed a citywide youth group, called NE Students. These churches have found through prayer and service, they can be united, across theological and denominational differences.
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