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Pastor’s Column: Bible Should Influence Vote More Than Party

As we approach the 2016 Presidential election, we wanted to know how pastors are navigating the political season. Carl Nelson, president and CEO of Transform Minnesota writes about his observations this election season; including the political diversity of American evangelicalism, and how he believes a Biblically-informed policy platform will be in conflict with both major parties. As God’s people, Carl believes we are called to be servants, not masters, and trust that the renewal of our culture is a result of transformed hearts, not elected officials.
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The Best Way to Plant Indigenous Churches Is to Begin that Way

On September 8, Jean Johnson spoke at TCAMP on Avoiding Dependency in Missions. She wrote this article on a similar topic for the Fall 2016 Mission Frontiers issue. She writes the best way to plant indigenous churches and movements is to begin that way. Then, they don’t have to discover mid-stream that it is too late — that an unhealthy mindset has settled in like cement. Keep in mind that in every apple, there is an orchard. In every people group, an Acts 2-type church is already there; we just need to believe it.
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Urban Church Planting: Rev. Efrem Smith

For our Urban Church Planting blog series, we are posting a recent blog Rev. Efrem Smith, President and CEO of World Impact wrote about being thick-skinned urban missionaries. He writes about how being thick-skinned for the Kingdom of God can only come about through intimacy with God, identity in Christ, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Only out of the overflow of this dynamic relationship can urban missionaries be used to empower the poor, strengthen the church, and transform communities.
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Pastor’s Column: Talking Politics vs. politics in Church

As we approach the 2016 Presidential election, we wanted to know how pastors are navigating the political season. Pastor Jeff Heidkamp, co-lead pastor of Mercy Vineyard Church writes about why he doesn’t think the Bible has anything to say about American “uppercase P” Politics, but has a lot to say about “lowercase p” politics. Pastor Jeff shares when he believes it is appropriate for a pastor to become partisan, and a practice he implements that helps him to gain empathy for those who see the world differently than he does.
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Pastor’s Column: Transcending the Political Chaos

As we approach the 2016 Presidential election, we wanted to know how pastors are navigating the political season. We asked a number of pastors to contribute as guest authors; some wouldn't touch the topic with a 10 foot pole, others like Pastor Kory Kleinsasser, lead pastor at Waite Park Church agreed to write this thoughtful piece about transcending the political chaos. We are encouraged by Pastor Kory's message of rising above fear, division and cynicism, and putting our trust in God knowing Jesus taught us to transcend the petty arguments of the day and to take an eternal, divine perspective.
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Launching a Ministry of Financial Leaders

in News. Posted September 1, 2016
Believe it or not, affluence is often a burden, and many with it are unsure of how to steward their wealth. Kimberly Stewart, Eagle Brook Church’s Executive Director of Development, taught a seminar on Engaging Financial Leaders, after she helped Eagle Brook launch a ministry to financial leaders eight years ago. Stewart has a sincere heart for high capacity givers she calls “Financial Leaders," and she says this ministry is just as spiritual as any other in church. If not reached out to by the Church, Stewart believes some of the Church’s financial leaders would be missing out on spiritual growth and on becoming fully connected to the Church. Through this ministry many financial leaders realize they are needed to fulfill the mission of the Church, and find joy in exercising the gifts God has given them.
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