Monthly Archives: November 2016

Equipping and Encouraging Rural Church Ministries

in News. Posted November 28, 2016
“God wants to transform the lives of millions of people living in rural areas and small towns in the US, and he is using his church to do it,” said Pastor Paul Jorgensen, Lead Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church. Doing life and ministry in small towns and rural communities comes with many relational benefits and structural challenges. Of the hundreds of thousands of pastors and leaders ministering to rural communities and small towns, the isolation can be one of the hardest parts. We, at Transform Minnesota believe it is important for rural pastors to get refreshed and find a support network; that is why we are a sponsor of a new conference called Grow! It launches in March of 2017 aiming to equip and encourage rural pastors to not just survive, but become more effective in their strategic part of Kingdom of God.
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Love, Pray, Share: Welcoming Minnesota’s 200,000 Muslim Neighbors

in News. Posted November 21, 2016
Transform Minnesota is working to inspire a missionary heart among Christians towards the nearly 200,000 Muslims that call Minnesota home. In spite of some negative reactions by Christians that have received a lot of media attention, we are encouraged by a growing movement of more and more evangelical Christians who are meeting, loving and serving their Muslim neighbors as the Gospel of Jesus would have us do.
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Pastor’s Column: A Counter-Cultural Invitation to Wait and Hope this Advent Season

Rev. Anne Vining, senior pastor at First Covenant Church St. Paul, shares her deep need during the holidays for the intentional spiritual practices in Advent. The season of Advent is this rather counter-cultural invitation to wait, and to courageously choose hope over fear and despair—regardless of the state of our world, because Emmanuel, God with us, has come and is coming again!
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Evangelical Christians and President Trump

The 2016 election is decided and Evangelical Christians bear great responsibility to stand with those who feel afraid and left out. Evangelicals are people who want to attract others to Jesus. Their decisive role in influencing this election for a candidate whose character contradicts so much of what Jesus stands for, creates a barrier to their witness of His Gospel, which now must be overcome.
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