Monthly Archives: November 2018

Do Justice Conference with Bryan Stevenson

Fifteen-hundred people from Minnesota’s faith communities attended the Do Justice Conference with Bryan Stevenson presented by Transform Minnesota on November 8, and An Evening with Bryan Stevenson later that evening. Stevenson is an acclaimed civil rights attorney, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, and author of Just Mercy. He gave two addresses to a packed sanctuary at Christ Presbyterian Church on the need for Americans to pursue racial justice and reconciliation in our country. Stevenson encouraged the Church to work to change the narratives of our society and to stay hopeful, while challenging people of faith to position themselves in inconvenient and uncomfortable places.
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Pastor’s Column: Geyser of Women’s Voices

Like a geyser of water finally breaking through the surface, suppressed for a variety of reasons, are the stories from brave women who have in some cases risked a lot to share their stories. Women need spaces where their voices are honored. We are all better and stronger when a variety of voices are invited to the table and honored. It helps us understand one another. To learn from one another. To step outside of ourselves and experience another’s story. To move forward in unity and love. To truly be the body of Christ.
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Slow Your Scroll: Effective Social Media Strategies

in News. Posted November 12, 2018
There are approximately 4.75 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook daily. Everyone wants to be seen and heard. So how do we catch people’s attention through all of the social media noise? Dr. Brian Stewart, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at North Central University, presented on four ways to effectively use social media to engage others at our Slow Your Scroll training in October, including: building effective facebook ads, utilizing facebook analytics, and creating valuable facebook content.
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