May 4: All for Freedom Youth Rally

All for Freedom Youth Rally – May 4th 6:30 to 9 pm


The theme of this event is Music, Message, Mission.  We are calling high school and middle school teens to come together, hear some great music, and learn how they can be used by God bring an end to human trafficking and promote justice and compassion and care.  They matter, and God has purpose and destiny for their lives.



Music:   A great Christian band, Remedy Drive, is performing a 45 minute concert.  The leader of this band also works with organization called Exodus Road, which does rescue operations in human trafficking in countries around the world.  So they have a passion for this cause.  We also might have a Hip Hop Band open up the evening with a few songs.


Message:  We will have some high school teens and some college age youth share about how they hot involved in the cause of justice and what it means for them.   Then Jessica Bartholomew, a former police officer (who worked on drug and sex trafficking cases) and also has a long history of youth leadership will share a message to educate, equip, inspire and mobilize youth to be active in the cause of justice.


Mission:  Our goal for all the music and the messages given is to convey to the youth that they were created for purpose, for a mission, for a cause greater than themselves.  God is calling them to be world changers, and that starts by asking God to use them change agents in daily life.   We will end by asking them to consider making one specific practical step to begin this journey.


We are asking youth pastors and leaders to have this event on their schedule and commit to bringing many teens in their youth group to come.   We also ask for 1 adult chaperone for about every 10 teens, to insure safety of all teens coming to the event.   The only adults that will be at this event will be either these chaperones or parents or approved volunteers from Trafficking Justice.  We are taking security at this event very seriously.


Location:   Sojourn Campus Church at the University of Minnesota.  310 18th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Parking maps will be provided, and we encourage all attendees to arrive by 6:00 pm in order to find parking, go through registration, and find their seat.  We will have water and snacks available for all attendees.


This is a free event, organized by Trafficking Justice, a Christian Non-Profit organization in the twin cities.  This event is part of our Freedom Weekend conference.

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