Newly Launched Initiative Equips Nonprofits in Ministry

Launching Ministry Equip Initiative

Faith-based nonprofits often have a lot of heart and passion to do good works for the Kingdom of God; but their leaders can find they are lacking resources and time to think about the bigger picture.conference room smaller

Transform Minnesota launched a new initiative in 2015, aimed at equipping nonprofits for evangelical ministry, it’s called Ministry Equip; we believe working together we can do more to spread the gospel.

Strategic Planning for Faith-Based Nonprofits

This fall we invited Sam Smith, from The Prouty Project to consult with dozens of faith-based nonprofits on how to create a strategic plan that differentiates each organization from the fold.
“The speakers unpack things so well. From the moment I left the training, I can step back into my job as an executive director, and automatically put some of those principles in place, from the word ‘Go,’” said Kimberly Rynders, Executive Director of Tapestry.

By hosting seminars, trainings and workshops specifically designed for faith-based organizations, our Ministry Equip initiative focuses on effectively running an organization that lifts up the name of Jesus.

DSC00496“Sometimes when you’re in a faith-based nonprofit, I feel like we’re not taken seriously if you attend a seminar in a secular, corporate setting,” said Rynders. “This environment allows us to talk about things that are specific to being a faith-based nonprofit, and all of the struggles that come along with it. It’s nice to network with other like-minded people.”

Roger Messner, Executive Director of Create Minneapolis, attended the Strategic Planning session, and said he appreciated how to map out any given industry and figure out how to offer something different.DSC00507

“Because we’ve been blessed, we’re able to bless others and help them feel like they’re a part of the community. We’re not going to hide the fact that we’re Christians, we just really want to bless people and hear their story,” said Messner, of Create Minneapolis.

The presentation challenged participants to plan a strategic process together that involves vision, creativity and discipline. Earlier in 2015, we hosted two grant-writing sessions for faith-based nonprofits.

We are excited for this Ministry Equip initiative to better help serve evangelical nonprofits share the love of Jesus in Minnesota, because we value the work Christian nonprofits are doing in our state.

Upcoming Ministry Equip Programs

In 2016, we are offering three Ministry Equip training sessions at no cost to participants.

DSC00509On January 28, join us as we help nonprofits improve their communications strategies. Sharon Sampson of Open Book Communications will help equip nonprofits to clarify their unique mission and story, as well as the best tactics and tools to use – including social media, video, branding, design, writing and digital marketing.

In March, Meghann Kantke, attorney for Gray Plant Moody Law firm, will host a seminar on tackling Human Resource/Employee challenges experienced in faith-based organizations. In May, join us to hear how to be a Fundraising Rockstar, as we share the best development practices for faith-based nonprofits.