Pastor’s Column

Pastor’s Column: Geyser of Women’s Voices

Like a geyser of water finally breaking through the surface, suppressed for a variety of reasons, are the stories from brave women who have in some cases risked a lot to share their stories. Women need spaces where their voices are honored. We are all better and stronger when a variety of voices are invited to the table and honored. It helps us understand one another. To learn from one another. To step outside of ourselves and experience another’s story. To move forward in unity and love. To truly be the body of Christ.

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Pastor’s Column: Empowering Women to Use Their Gifts & Serve the Church

Ten tips to consider as a springboard for conversations in your church on how to promote healthier relationships among men and women. Pastor Amy Rowell, the Community Life Pastor at City Church in Minneapolis longs to see the Church reflecting an accurate image of who God is by how we relate with one another as men and women. Read how we can empower our sisters in Christ to use their gifts in whatever capacity they can to serve the Church.

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Pastor’s Column: Were the Three Hebrew Boys Wrong?

Rev. David Myles writes about the story of the three Hebrew boys (in Daniel 3) standing up to what they considered wrong in the face of the nationalistic, popular beliefs and practices. Rev. Myles likens the Hebrew boys’ refusal to bow and worship the golden image King Nebuchadnezzar set up, to NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. In the future, under a new national leader, Rev. Myles warns it could be Christians’ religious fidelity and liberty that is being challenged based on similar arguments.
“Is it possible that what you are supporting today will be used against you in the future in a similar or same manner?”
“It might not only be kneeling in protest, but also kneeling in prayer that will be called into question,” Rev. Myles argues.

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Pastor’s Column: Prison Chaplain, Path to Restoration

Rev. Rick Chilton reveals, behind the barbed wire, the inside of God’s glorious model of prison restoration. Rev. Chilton is a high risk Minnesota Prison Chaplain working with the incarcerated Federal, State and local community focused on spiritual restoration with achieving a sustained, self-sufficient, grace-filled transition back into society.

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Pastor’s Column: Marketplace Chaplain

Sam Raia is a Chaplain Coach for Marketplace Chaplains’ Midwest division. He writes about how marketplace chaplains can dramatically impact the lives of employees in America’s work places.

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Pastor’s Column: Senior Facilities Chaplain

Rev. Judy Marks is a Chaplain at Senior Facilities across the Twin Cities. She leads a ministry that advocates for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of senior citizens. Judy shares why Christians can’t neglect our senior citizens, and how we can show Christ’s love through a ministry of presence.

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Pastor’s Column: Army National Guard Chaplain

Lt. Col. Philip Winn Jr. serves as Chaplain for the Minnesota Army National Guard. He writes about the unique places he has conducted worship services, and the ways he takes God’s presence with him when ministering to our armed forces. Chaplain Winn shares the importance of caring for the religious, spiritual, ethical and moral needs of our country’s Soldiers and families.

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Pastor’s Column: Hospital Chaplain

Rev. Nicole Smith serves as a Chaplain at Hennepin County Medical Center – a level 1 trauma hospital. She shares about the powerful role of silence and listening when visiting patients in the hospital. And in a beautiful poem, Rev. Smith writes about the healing power of tears.

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Pastor’s Column: Bruce Talso, Police Chaplain

Pastor Bruce Talso is a volunteer Police Chaplain for the Brooklyn Park and Champlin Police Departments. He writes of his role as a chaplain to meet the needs of grieving family members while helping them process traumatic experiences. He also ministers to the police officers in their service to the community.

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Pastor’s Column: Rev. Amy Luukkonen, Women’s Prison Chaplain

Rev. Amy Luukkonen serves as a Chaplain in the Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility. Here she writes about doing ministry in such a confining environment, and how she’s found a humble acceptance that God is working to create a sacred space even amidst all of the boundaries of prison.

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