Faith-Based Employment Practices, Stay True to Your Organizations Beliefs


On March 17, 2016 Transform Minnesota hosted a training at Gray Plant Mooty Law Firm on employment legal standards for faith-based organizations, churches and businesses. Esteemed attorneys Sam Diehl, Principal at GPM and Meghann Kantke, Associate at GPM, as well as a Transform Minnesota board member, shared what the legal landscape of religious organizations is like in today’s world.


The feedback from attendees was outstanding:

“Great knowledge of topic and connection with the audience. I appreciate Gray Plant Mooty giving time to this niche topic.”

“One of the best workshops I’ve attended.”

“Timely content and very helpful. You brought clarity and practical help to something that can be overwhelming and intimidating for local church/nonprofit leadership.”

“Very clear. Made the law easy to understand.”

“Both speakers showed great aptitude in subject matter and speaking ability.”


The Real Win

Faith-based organizations need to clarify their positions on its religious mission and values in its articles and bylaws, statements of faith, employee codes of conduct and job descriptions; all the while remembering this due diligence isn’t about winning in court. This practice will help your organization clarify its mission and plan, as well as communicate to prospective recruits what your expectations are for them.

“This is not just about winning lawsuits. How much better is it to have employees who agree with your statement of faith and align with you mission?” asked Diehl.
Diehl encourages all nonprofits to only implement practices that hold true to their actual beliefs, not what they think will give them a strong legal defense.
“All of our advice is not just tactics and shouldn’t be adopted if it is inconsistent with your genuine beliefs,” said Diehl.


Transform Minnesota Ministry Equip Trainings

Transform Minnesota offers regular trainings like this faith-based employment practices workshop through our ministry equip initiative. We seek to improve nonprofit leadership and structural development by extending resources and opportunities to nonprofits. Ministry equip seminars are helping Minnesota nonprofits to equip, learn, and collaborate together for evangelical ministry.

March 25, 2016
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