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Newly Launched Initiative Equips Nonprofits in Ministry

Faith-based nonprofits often have a lot of heart and passion to do good works for the Kingdom of God; but their leaders can find they are lacking resources and time to think about the bigger picture. Transform Minnesota launched a new initiative in 2015, aimed at equipping nonprofits for evangelical ministry, called Ministry Equip.

Crafting a Clear Nonprofit Communication Strategy

In order for your compelling mission to be heard by donors, clients, and the public, you must have an effective communication strategy. It's importance that your organization understands its "WHY" mission.

Faith-Based Employment Practices, Stay True to Your Organizations Beliefs

On March 17, 2016, Transform Minnesota hosted a training at Gray Plant Mooty Law Firm on employment legal standards for faith-based organizations, churches and businesses. Esteemed attorneys Sam Diehl, Principal at GPM and Meghann Kantke, Associate at GPM, as well as a Transform Minnesota board member, shared what the legal landscape of religious organizations is like in today’s world.

Fundraising as Ministry

Fundraising needs to be a proclamation that our loving God is in our midst, that His Spirit is moving to accomplish this plan, and that we get to be participants with Him. We invite people, and give them the opportunity to become a part of this movement that God is doing in our midst.

Launching a Ministry of Financial Leaders

Kimberly Stewart, Eagle Brook Church’s Executive Director of Development, taught a seminar on Engaging Financial Leaders in August 2016. She taught that, believe it or not, affluence is often a burden, and many with it are unsure of how to steward their wealth.

5 Tips to Being More Effective and Efficient with Email

5 Tips to Being More Effective and Efficient with Email from our Ministry Equip training with Audrey Thomas in November 2016.

Helping Faith-Based Nonprofits Navigate Private Foundations

Alisha Cora Soule taught a packed-out room full of nonprofit leaders in January, 2017 on how to Find Funding and navigate the landscape of grants in the U.S. and Minnesota. Soule is currently the Director of Grants and Strategic Projects for the University of Northwestern St. Paul. Read more on how to find private funding, the components of a grant, and how to position your faith-based organization for Christian funding and secular funding.

Design for Non-Designers

On April 19, 2017 at our “Design for Non-Designers” training, Jordan Sundberg, graphic designer and owner of Tin Cup Design in Duluth, MN shared her expertise on how new designers can start generating ideas and the importance of creating a concept.

Stay Out of Hot Water

At our Ministry Equip training on November 9, 2017, attorney Julie Fisk shared her insights on how to best approach staff concerns or disciplinary issues within a non-profit faith based ministry. To help encourage healthy organizational accountability and growth, Fisk shared with local faith-based non-profit leadership shared some of the most effective strategies for managing and documenting the employee discipline process. She highlighted honesty, communication and intentional feedback, equipping those present to invest in lawful awareness and "keep your legal ducks in a row."

3 Rules for Social Media Engagement

On March 20, 2018 Dr. Brian Stewart and Dean Bill Tibbetts of North Central University's School of Business taught our Ministry Equip seminar on "Strategic Social Media." In our ever evolving social media landscape, this seminar taught effective social media marketing tools for faith-based non-profits, including 3 rules for social media engagement.

The One Thing to Consider when Dealing with People

Dr. Jeanine Parolini taught about emotional intelligence at the EQ Ministry Equip training on May 31, 2018. Parolini taught on the one thing to consider when dealing with people, and highlighted the importance of recognizing that most humans instinctively react out of our insecurities. She shared the importance of participating in a 3-phase movement of surrender to God, rather than reacting out of insecurity.

Two Steps to Creating a Workplace with Fully Engaged People

At our EQ Ministry Equip training on May 31, 2018, Dr. Parolini taught organizations, churches and business leaders the importance of recognizing that each employee brings their whole heart into the workplace. "If they check a part of themselves at the door, they don’t fully engage in the workplace,” said Dr. Jeanine Parolini. Plus the role of safety and trust in workplace relationships.

Keeping Quality Staff Happy: 3 Elements to Employee Retention

The 3 elements to employee retention that will keep employees satisfied, engaged and loyal. When managers at non-profit organizations and churches think about how to retain quality employees, their main complaint is they don’t have the funding to increase pay. But when people are asked why they do what they do – pay is NOT at the top of the list.

Slow Your Scroll: Effective Social Media Strategies

In October of 2018, Dr. Brian Stewart, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at North Central University, presented on four ways to effectively use social media to engage others at our Slow Your Scroll training including: building effective facebook ads, utilizing facebook analytics, and creating valuable facebook content.

Four Common Mistakes in Leadership Succession Planning

On November 15, 2018 Natalie Ackerman, president of Cornerstone Consulting, presented at our Succession Roadmapping training. This Succession Roadmapping training shared the importance of making sure every person in your organization is prepared to transition to a place of greater leadership and responsibility when a leader is replaced. Learn the Four Common Mistakes in Leadership Succession Planning. The top questions to ask yourself about your organization’s succession plan and the top questions to ask others when looking at their leadership potential.

14 Security Best Practices to Get Secure

Security best practices taught at our Get IT Secure Ministry Equip training on Jan. 16, 2019. Including five tips to block phishing attacks via email and nine tips to strengthen password security.

Three Hats Worn by Church/Ministry Board Members

On March 14, 2019 at our Effective Board Practices training, Carl Nelson, president and CEO of Transform Minnesota taught about three hats church and ministry board members need to wear, and the appropriate times to wear those hats for effective board involvement.

Maintaining Healthy Board Relationships

At our March 14, 2019 Effective Board Practices training, Pat Mazorol, the board chair at Transform Minnesota, and Carl Nelson, the President and CEO at Transform Minnesota discussed how to navigate all of the relationships and various roles of board members in their church or ministry setting.

An 8-Point Checklist for Responding to Sexual Harassment Reports

On April 2, 2019 Transform Minnesota presented a ministry equip training for churches and Christian nonprofits called "Fostering Dignity in the Workplace" with Virginia Cronin, attorney at Henningson and Snoxell. When designing the policies and procedures a church or nonprofit will use to conduct intake reports of sexual harassment, this 8-point checklist is a good place to start.

Draft a Rock Solid Employee Handbook

The number one rule when drafting an employee handbook, is to tailor it specifically to your organization. If the handbook is not tailored to meet your organizations needs and specific legal requirements, it will become a legal liability. At Rock Solid Employee Handbooks training on June 13, 2019, Attorney Ginny Cronin taught the three starting steps to take when drafting an Employee Handbook.

Practical Approaches to Conflict Resolution

“Conflict resolution skills are the final result of years of effort combined with the experience of application”; in other words—we frequently miss the mark and it takes time.

Employee Classification: Simplified

On February 27th, Transform Minnesota hosted a Ministry Equip with Virginia Cronin, who spoke to a full room on the importance and nuance of properly classifying employees.

Employment Law Changes Affecting Churches

Minnesota Employment Law Changes webinar provides nuanced explanations for why some regulations now apply to religious organizations and churches.

Law Changes Still Affecting Employers

Churches and ministries need to continue preparing as the implementation of multiple employment law changes nears.