Helping Others Heal From Trauma


Late last month, Transform Minnesota partnered with American Bible Society to host the Trauma Healing Equipping Sessions. This training was for those who wish to be certified as Trauma Healing small group facilitators in their communities and areas of influence. The American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Program has trained over 17,500 individuals to become facilitators and now have 129 countries implementing the Trauma Healing ministries into their work.

The sessions were held at Transform Minnesota’s Richfield office with 25 participants. The attendees worked in small groups over 4 days, led by 3 facilitators; Rachel Uthmann, Trauma Healing Facilitator with American Bible Society; Don Gordon, Trauma Healing Master Facilitator and Executive Director of To Equip His People; and Misty Bodkins, Trauma Healing Master Facilitator.

The Trauma Healing Equipping curriculum is Bible-based and consists of six lessons. The facilitators invited the attendees into the work of trauma healing from a biblical and holistic perspective of trauma.

One attendee stated about her experience: “I have had the privilege of attending quite a number of trauma trainings over my years in ministry. The combination of Biblical understanding and mental health best practices really made the Trauma Healing Institute training stand out as unique. The facilitators were great teachers, very responsive and sensitive to all the participants in our group. The progression of the content was carefully thought out, well presented, and helped me  experience healing in new ways. I hope to be using it soon to help others on their healing journeys.”

November 1, 2021
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