Portfolio category: Trauma Healing

Announcing New Partnership with American Bible Society

Transform Minnesota is honored to partner with The American Bible Society to bring Bible based trauma healing to the Twin Cities.

Why We Believe in the Roles of Church & Scripture in Trauma Healing

American Bible Society desires to look at how hardships and traumatic experiences affect relationships with God, self and others, as well as how the Bible offers hope.

Trauma Healing Convening Sessions

On September 15 & 16, Transform Minnesota partnered with American Bible Society to host two Trauma Healing Convening Sessions to introduce the Trauma Healing Initiative to the Twin Cities.

Helping the Church Become a Resource

Heather Drew, MA, LPC recently wrote an article for Trauma in America, on the value of the Church being a resource for those who are suffering with trauma.

Helping Others Heal From Trauma

Late last month, Transform Minnesota partnered with American Bible Society to host the Trauma Healing Equipping Sessions as an opportunity to build a more trauma-informed church in the Twin Cities.

The Future of the Trauma Healing Initiative

Transform Minnesota is excited to extend its partnership with the American Bible Society and the Trauma Healing Institute into 2023.

Trauma Healing and Participatory Leadership

Local ministry leaders learned how Trauma Healing Groups can be implemented in their ministries, and how to engage the content themselves.