Learning to Intentionally Engage Spiritual Conversations

In a continuing effort to help the Church of the future navigate change, Transform Minnesota partnered with Steiger International on January 26th for a second workshop, Spiritual Conversations for the Non-Religious. More than 140 pastors and ministry leaders heard from Steiger Leadership Team members Aaron Pierce and Filipe Machado. Building on conversations from Jesus in the Secular World this past fall, the two focused on moving from a cultural-level understanding to individual-level engagement. 

Pierce stressed the radical shift in priorities needed if participants want to build relationships with non-religious people. The only way these relationships will be built is through intentionality. Knowing where people come from and understanding their beliefs, philosophies, and assumptions, helps the message of Jesus resonate. “As you engage, your goal is not to convince them that you are right. The goal is to encourage them to pursue the truth.” Finding places where a person’s beliefs already align with biblical truth is a way to help introduce them to Jesus. 

Filipe Machado provided the group with practical examples of spiritual conversations and relationships with non-religious people. Participants also had the opportunity to ask Machado and Pierce deeper questions about taking information from the workshop and using it in their lives. 

February 1, 2023
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