Trauma Healing and Participatory Leadership

On January 24, Transform Minnesota hosted a Trauma Healing Convening for a group of local ministry leaders. The leaders came to learn how they could implement the Trauma Healing program in their ministries, and discovered the work that can also be done beyond their ministries.

Trauma Healing Facilitator Rachel Uthmann introduced the program by explaining the widespread nature of trauma and how the curriculum is used to help begin a healing process. She also stressed the participatory nature of the Healing Groups, noting that groups cannot be implemented at arm’s length. “It has to be for us first…we have to be able to continue with embracing our own healing journey so that we can continue being vessels of healing in other people’s lives.”

Rob Kistler, Care & Spiritual Formation Pastor at Woodland Hills Church, demonstrated the participatory facilitation of the curriculum by leading the group in a sample Healing Group session. Kistler also gave a firsthand account of how the program can equip members of a church body to lead groups and develop a self-sustained ministry in the church.

“You see the tremendous need for this kind of work everywhere.”                                                                                                             

Leaders left the training thinking not only about how they could bring Trauma Healing to their ministries, but how it could be used in their communities, families, and their own lives. As one participant said: “You see the tremendous need for this kind of work everywhere.”

Transform Minnesota will be hosting a Virtual Healing Group over Zoom starting February 15, and an in-person Healing Group at our office on March 9 & 10. Visit our Trauma Healing program page for more information.

January 25, 2023
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