Moms and Stress

New survey reveals moms feel stressed—but satisfied

A new Barna survey found that 76% of women said they were satisfied with their lives; however, nearly 60% were not satisfied with their work and home life balance. That number rose to 62% when moms with children still at home were asked.

The survey, which is part of Barna Group’s FRAMES project, found that moms are generally happy and satisfied with their lives but feel pressure from numerous angles, including work and career, stress, getting enough rest, church and their personal lives.

The home and work balance was an area where women and moms felt added stress. Almost one-third of moms reported burdensome work commitments, and 26% of them feel spread too thin at home.

However, if women could choose an area of their lives in which to improve, the largest proportion mentioned church (22%). That number rose to 24% when moms were asked the same question.

When it comes to comparing their lives to others via social media, Christian women reported feeling inferior in status and prestige, creativity, the ability to accomplish tasks and in their career or job.

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July 21, 2014

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