Solidarity in Education Equality

In 2016, the NAE issued an Education Equality Resolution acknowledging that, “Due to our continuing patterns of residential segregation and neighborhood schools, a child’s zip code has become a more powerful predictor of academic success and lifetime income than either intelligence or hard work.”

To address this crisis of education inequity, the NAE called upon evangelicals to:

  • Examine the educational outcomes in their own and surrounding communities, particularly focusing on areas where children are not receiving a fair opportunity to fully develop their God-given talents and to get a great education;
  • Ask how their churches and members can serve the most vulnerable children and those who work with them through prayer, volunteering and providing other support;
  • Educate themselves about the policies of their state and local school systems, and consider supporting candidates to governing boards who will promote greater efforts to help the neediest students catch up; and
  • Support school reform proposals that will benefit all children, and especially those with the greatest needs. [2]

As a proud member of the NAE, Transform Minnesota is committed to addressing the crisis of education inequity.  We are privileged to partner with front-line community leaders like Nicole Baker Fulgham who will be joining us on October 18. Founder and President of The Expectations Project, Nicole is working to engage people of faith to address this crisis.

We hope that you can join us for Breakfast with Nicole Baker Fulgham: Faithful Advocacy for Education Equity on October 18 at 8 a.m. at Bethel Christian Fellowship! This free event is open to pastors and faith leaders.

[1] “Education Equity”, National Association of Evangelicals, 2016,

[2] “Education Equity”, National Association of Evangelicals, 2016,

September 30, 2019