Program Manager Job Opening

Transform Minnesota Employment Opportunity

Program Manager

Transform Minnesota is hiring a full-time Program Manager to implement programs, events and services designed to support churches and ministries in key impact areas. This position plays a central role in delivering added value to our network.

Working with the President/CEO and Operations Director this person will coordinate program implementation at all levels, engage with evangelical leaders to develop multi-year program strategies, collaborate on communication strategies and assist in expanding the evangelical network.

To apply please see the job description and complete our online employment application.

Candidate Profile

We are seeking someone who shares our passion for evangelical collaboration and who enjoys working directly to execute tasks, manage details and to plan and coordinate activities.

The successful candidate will have a professional demeanor, be collegial and social with co-workers, be customer-service oriented and be able to work independently on multiple projects with minimal direction. The kind of abilities and strengths that fit this role are ones of executing (task completion) and relationship building.

Similar or related position titles to this role would include Coordinator, Supporting Coordinator, Project Coordinator.

The Role

Working closely with the President/CEO and Operations Director, this person will be primarily responsible to execute program activities,  convene advisory teams, coordinate event or conference details, recruit and manage volunteers, work with and maintain online contact databases, communication tools and website information, and manage communications related to our program initiatives.

At least 50% of the role is administrative in nature, requiring a high level of technical literacy and will be performed from our office. The balance of the role includes working or meeting with a variety of team members, and being present at program events or activities to provide logistical support. This role will be responsible to execute a variety of tasks that are related to multiple program initiatives occurring at the same time.

More About Our Program Strategy

TM-Slider-StatesThrough its expanding network all across the state, Transform Minnesota seeks to empower evangelical leaders to have a transformative impact in our region. We do this by helping evangelicals identify challenges and opportunities, then by engaging with them together we work to create solutions and program initiatives that can lead to greater impact in key areas.

Transform Minnesota has already been leading initiatives seeking to promote racial harmony, catalyze outreach to Muslims, to support learning & collaboration in global missions and to equip leaders with a Biblical vision of sexual holiness. We seek to broaden those initiatives and develop program strategies in other areas such as connecting and training evangelical nonprofits for maximum impact, facilitating service and outreach beyond church walls, catalyzing ideas for engaging culture and seeking the common good, and initiatives that support growth and multiplication of spiritually healthy churches.

To learn more about Transform Minnesota’s mission, purpose and vision click here or go to “About Us” on our website.

See the job description for more details and read about our mission and vision. To apply please complete our online employment application.