September 28: Transform Ideas – Creation Care

Explore the effect of a changing environment on resources and vulnerable populations.

The created world is a precious gift for which we will be held accountable. As stewards, we hold it in trust for God.

As followers of Jesus, committed to justice and compassion, we seek to understand the potential threats changes to our environment, climate and natural disasters have on the lives and well-being of the poor and vulnerable.

What are the changes occurring? Who do they impact?

Wealthy people and nations may be affected by changes to the climate and environment, but we have resources to adapt. The poor do not.

Jesus commands us to care for the least of these. We need to be intentional about caring for creation as a revelation of God’s glory.


Transform Ideas is a public forum designed to inspire, inform and engage Christians as thoughtful citizens of the Kingdom of God, serving the common good.
Transform Ideas showcases local, diverse and distinct voices presenting on cultural topics of our time.


Local speakers include:

Paul Douglas national meteorologist and author of Caring for Creation
Joel Light, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at University of Northwestern St. Paul
Andy Carr, VP of Development and Marketing for Feed My Starving Children
Emily Pahl, Global Teams Leader at River Valley Church


Thursday, September 28
7-9 PM
Elim Church – 685 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis 55413
This event is free and open to the public. Registration is requested for planning purposes.


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