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Pastor’s Column: Small Town Church Reaches 5-County Region, Doubling Attendance in Five Years

For our "Thriving and Growing Rural Churches" series, Paul Jorgensen, Lead Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church shares how God is at work in Litchfield, a small town of 6,700 people. Amazingly, Cornerstone Church welcomed more than 1,200 people to their five Easter services this year. Over the past five years Cornerstone Church has more than doubled its attendance, with 120-180 people per year choosing to put their trust in Christ. Read more about what is drawing people to drive from all over the 5-county region to be a part of Cornerstone’s worship services.
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Good Friday Prayer for Muslims: The Power of the Cross

in News. Posted March 28, 2016
On Good Friday, 80 Christians gathered together at Wooddale Church to pray for Muslims, and for opportunities to minister to Muslims. Friday afternoons are typically a holy time for Muslims, as they attend Jumaa prayer in the Mosques. This past Friday was Good Friday for Christians, when we embrace the power of Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross. We recognize that prayer is essential to reach our Muslim neighbors. Here’s a starting guide as to how to Pray for Muslims.
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Seeking Restoration and Rehabilitation in our Corrections System

in News. Posted March 25, 2016
As Minnesota legislators are in the thick of drafting, amending and voting on bills this legislative session, we implore our elected officials to seek restorative justice in our state’s Corrections system. In the midst of these very difficult situations where victims must remain the center of our care, we also believe in reflecting the Christian hope for the rehabilitation and restoration of offenders.
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Pastor’s Column: Bringing Life and Health Back to a Flat-Lining, Hurt Rural Church

For our Pastor’s Column series we are focusing on thriving and growing rural churches. We asked Marlin Mohrman the lead pastor at Morris Evangelical Free Church to share how Morris EFC overcame a season of conflict, distrust and hurt to achieve reconciliation and health. As well as how when church membership was flat-lining, Morris EFC managed to double its members within a decade by focusing on worship style, ethnic outreach, and defining roles in leadership.
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Holy Sexuality: A Good Gift from God

in News. Posted March 7, 2016
Sexuality and gender identity are important and critical issues our society is wrestling with in the public sphere. Today’s secular culture is dictating the narrative of what is sexually permissible, leaving the Church often timid when speaking about sexual orientation, gender dysphoria, and God’s design for holy sexuality. We believe the Church needs to root its response in the truth that male and female were created in God’s image. We believe the Church needs to offer a fulfilling, good, God-honoring vision of holy sexuality. In loving the whole person, the Church needs to be willing to accept the questions that come along with people struggling with their sexuality and identity.
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Church Coalition Launches Twin Cities Justice Weekend, All Churches Invited to Join

in News. Posted March 3, 2016
Four churches in the southwest metro are collaborating around God’s passion for justice and mercy. On the weekend of May 14-16, Wooddale Church, Christ Presbyterian Church, Westwood Community Church, and Grace Church are planning a Twin Cities Justice Weekend with the help of the International Justice Mission (IJM). This coalition of churches believes the Church is better together, than apart when working to end slavery. Find out the 5 ways your church can be involved in the Twin Cities Justice Weekend.
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