The Future of the Trauma Healing Initiative

This November, Transform Minnesota received a grant from the American Bible Society which will assist the continuation of the Trauma Healing Initiative in the Twin Cities.

Transform Minnesota is honored to partner with the Trauma Healing Institute and focus on helping people heal from trauma. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue this work in 2023.

“Participating in the healing group was such an important experience for me…It gave me a chance to be with God and others, to look closely at places of pain in my own life, and to bring that pain to God in a safe environment.”

Trauma has been described as “the mission field of our time.” All humans experience trauma. Trauma is more than an event; it is the wounds we feel in our hearts and minds after difficult experiences. Working to address and heal from trauma allows us to better connect to each other and to God.

The Trauma Healing Initiative addresses trauma through a combination of biblical and mental health practices and principles. Participation in a Trauma Healing group offers healing through narrative, experiential, and participatory lessons.

Through the Trauma Healing Initiative, leaders from around Minnesota have been trained to facilitate Trauma Healing groups in their congregations and communities. Three churches in the Twin Cities have also worked to incorporate Trauma Healing into their congregation as self-sustaining ministries.

“I believe in the power of these healing groups. This training will be well worth your time, not just for learning about this curriculum, but also for ongoing professional development in your ministry.”

Looking forward, we are planning to host a convening session, an Initial Equipping, and two Trauma Healing groups in early 2023. From this effort and ongoing cultivation, we hope to see five more church partners establish Trauma Healing ministries in 2023.

To learn more about Trauma Healing, visit our Trauma Healing program page and the Transform events page. 

December 6, 2022
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